October Update

6 10 2008

Retention ponds, check! Under ground work on buildings 1 – 6, check!

The site team continues to make outstanding progress throughout the month of October. Plans are underway to begin pouring concrete on the first few buildings, including the Kahuna Lodge and its amenities. Ground crews have pulled out the shovels and front end loaders are busy hauling dirt away from behind the Kahuna Lodge to make way for the Z Tropical Oasis and its amazing saltwater lagoon and pebble beach.


September Update

1 09 2008

During the month of September, our general contractor began to outline the infrastructure on-site which will serve as the guideline for building placement during these next few months. We also created retention ponds at the northeast, southeast, and southwest corners of the property. They will continue to work on these projects as they ready themselves to begin work on the retaining walls needed at the southwest retention pond and around where the Great Kahuna Lodge will sit. The site crews also began to install ground pipes for buildings 1 – 5 as well as the Kahuna Lodge and its ancillary buildings.

Stay tuned for more details during October!

Z Islander Groundbreaking

6 08 2008

Just wanted to let all of you know in Aggieland that it’s official…we have broken ground off of Wellborn Road and are moving right along.

Within just a few days, the land was cleared, dirt was pushed around, and the start of our own Z Oasis had begun. Keep checking back for periodic updates and pictures of our progress.